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The rustic flavor of traditional or 'Classic' Landscape Gardens in our Portfolio (one above) dates from 1700’s English Gardens and the 1800’s in the Hudson Valley. By 1900, LGs became...

widespread & smaller on neighborhood yards as in Riverdale,NY. From there we provide landscape design services for The Bronx, Westchester County, the Hudson Valley 'Line' Landscape region, and southern New England (N.E.).
  • HG-L Residential
  • Site Planting Plans
  • Canopy Tree Sustainability

Classic Landscape Gardens NYS

Residential | HomeGarden • HG-Landscape

NYS Landscape • Hudson Valley • Westchester • Riverdale

The fluid design typical of Landscape Gardens historically, particularly for residential properties, is still the most practical in New York State because of its prevalent and renowned:

  • Mature Trees, Sloped Outcrop Terrain, and Woodlands.
  • Period Homes including Moderne.
  • Scenic Sites, with Deer Fences now, as in left rollover.
  • Beauty • Sustainability

    LGs & Trees rate exceptional in beauty, sustainability, and raising property value, with low recurring cost. In structuring your landscape -- for ongoing savings, aesthetics, and family success -- work with the best. 646.229.6647











    LGs Untied | Unsheltered     Adaptable | Scale-flexible Streamlined | Street-Smart   Sustainable Sites 2017+

    Sites composed by MVR since 1997 through Site Projects at AE offices integrate big city buildings, frenetic boulevards, line geometry, and facility parking lots with a maturing plan of canopy trees needed for site approvals and sustainability.

    Notable treescapes resulted from lean, no-frills design, but knowing suitable species since 1987. Strategies for success:

  • Effective site-specific massings of robust canopy trees, with imaginative contrasts at key entry points.
  • Groomed existing trees; scenic evergreen screening.
  • Strong connection to building architecture; site structure made legible by trees and resilient low plantings.
  • SPL addresses provided for view on Google or Bing Maps.

    For AE Site Plan projects as Landscape Architect subconsultant we deliver thorough analyses, minimal paving design, and impactful site plantings-- on budget and specified to last. Take a moment to 'fly to' a few well-established examples.

    Demonstrated in left rollovers by mvr School Sites, even sites with stringent budgets can posess a strong identity and an immediate 'sense of place’- to welcome visitors, provide shaded comfort, and be sustainable far into the future.

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    RLA • CA • LEED AP

    School Site Plan Trees NY
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    LGs • Landscape Gardens
    Spatial compositions of Trees, optimized for visual effects.

    MVR Record

    1987  Ohio State U. • B.S. in Landscape Horticulture

    1991  Harvard U. • Master in Landscape Architecture

    1992   Landscape Gardener in Westchester • Lower NYS
    1997   Landscape Architect, AE LA practice, NYS • CT
               Portfolio dates from 1987.