MVR is a Registered Landscape Architect, ISA-Certified Arborist, and LEED® Accredited Professional. These joint consultant roles translate into landscapes developed with environmental integrity and vision.

Private Property LG Strong Foreground Near Evergreen Backdrop

Home Garden Landscape     HG-L

Home Garden Landscape     HG-L

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Classic Estate Landscape Garden NY
  • School Campus Site Plan Landscape Rendering  2000
  • School Campus Google Earth Aerial_E-Street View NY

School Campus   Site Plan Landscape  SPL

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Canopy trees have always been the heart, backbone, and bulk of constructed landscapes. Now, they are key to sustainability. As the only trees usable along city streets, they are invaluable in cooling ‘urban heat islands’. In suburban/rural areas, they capture rain within paved lots substantially to reduce stormwater pollution.

With minimal number of tree species --or more variety --we develop Site Plantings not only so Site Teams can meet state codes or earn LEED credits, but to make notable, imaginative canopy tree landscapes. Immediate, long-term results, both aesthetically & for site performance, cannot be beaten.

'Make a notable 'garden' or treescape of required site trees! Having a multidiscipine LA with longstanding design vocabulary with trees is needed, not a lavish landscape budget.' (Get MVR Article Clip on standard LA  tree knowledge and planting design).

+ Plan Approvals  Green Infrastructure

In the most challenging environments and city conditions, with resilient urban trees, make the simplest plans appealing and plan approvals for them go faster. Likewise, look at 'Green In.' planting as an opportunity to turn even brownfields into appealing places.

Trees smartly preserved, scenic screening evergreens, and all measures on this page will create a great place of your site, especially when seasons change, and the trees specific to it change in stature through years of growth to maturity.


SitePlanLandscape_CanopyShadeTrees = Rain$aving$ + CoolPaving!

Green Treescape Landscape Architecture  •  LEED RLA  for Notable Sustainable Sites


Opening Measures

All sites will become more open, spacious, and refined through:

  1. Opening, lifting existing tree canopies, single or group.
  2. Planting trees to connect the site to its greater landscape.

Both measures help create Landscape Gardens -- landscapes 'amplified' with trees canopies and their seasonal beauties.

Understory plants important also.
Straight lines needed near buildings.

City Private Yards
NY Neighborhood Sites

LGs require trees, advanced knowledge of them, architectural sensibility, and clear design vision.

Not required are vast settings, a country place, nor millionaire wealth.


LGs are defined by a 'layered' spatial structure rather than sheer size.

Above, note the big distances involved esp. between the 'Middle-Ground Layer'  of trees w outcrops and the 'Background' Woods layer. 

In contrast Right, there is instead a well-defined 'Foreground Layer' and by comparison a compressed 'Background'.

Above achieved by placing a Hibiscus shrub poolside & grooming Holly Trees beyond it.

Effective foregrounds can be within a few feet of a given standpoint, a background for it as near as on a stage set!

'Layers' can be designed, or, existing and enhanced--edit of the Bakwin Middle-Ground left is a perfect example.

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