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RLA MVR Michael Victor Ruggiero

Michael Victor Ruggiero’s roots in the landscape industry began by working for tree nurseries in the '80’s. While earning his BS at Ohio State University, he designed Residential gardens and restored a Period Home garden for his Honors thesis. While at Harvard’s GSD for his MLA, he lived a year in the Arnold Arboretum.





NYS Hudson Valley Deer Landscape Garden • AE Site Landscape

He moved to Westchester County, NY to restore the M. Bakwin Estate. There he planted|evaluated durable perennials and Deer Resistant Plants, and opened long views into perimeter woodlands. While interning at Divney Tung Schwalbe to become licensed, he employed the same LG strategies on A/E sites, most notably at the
Swiss Re America Headquarters.


Corporate Campus Storm Basin


AE Corporate HQ




CT School Architecture Site Plan Landscape • Tree Garden Planting

As a Licensed Landscape Architect for A/E firm DTC in CT, he supported architects and civil engineers on new School Site Plan projects. After working out tough circulation and parking problems, he unified sites with tree plantings, and then finalized entry|interior courtyard and athletic field designs.





Rural Scenic CT

Suburban HS



The Urban Industrial School project drove home Landscape Architecture's value in urban areas, and so was pivotal toward the urban direction that followed.

9A Median Street Planting
NYC Urban Playground Planting
Period Home Garden Historic District


Highway Greenway Planting
Beacon Station ASLA  Award
Deer Trees Landscape
Public HS SP
Scenic Rural Middle School
Urban Industrial School Site Plan Landscape

Transportation Landscape UH • UD Canopy Shade Tree Street Planting

A move to Manhattan and employment at Urbitran (now AECOM) fostered study and facility with city street tree species, because as he noticed, they are staples in built landscapes throughout a given region. Similarly, inclusion of urban-tolerant species make any Site Plan Landscape durable and sustainable. This insight is now advantageous for all project categories and places..


AECOM projects include Metro North's Beacon Station, Battery Park’s Peter Minuit Plaza, and the 9A |West St. Promenade leading to the  9/11 Memorial, in which he was Project Arborist.





9A Medians

Beacon Station

9A Greenway



About Lower Manhattan's 9A Project: Because the 9A Corridor's bustling land uses create a harsh environment for trees, 9A was a test of a plantsman's mettle. The experience shined a light on the effort required of big-budget street planting, but yet, how beautiful neighborhood parks, like Battery Park's West Thames Park, can arise alongside busy city thoroughfares.


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