E-Landscape: 90 West St.  NYC

Greenway  •  Medians •  Streetscape

9A Highway Urban Forestry_Urban Hort. UF UH:
Transportation Landscape.9A Highway.UF•UH

Client: New York State Dept. of Transportation     AE Civil: Stantec, NYC    West Thames Park : Matthews Neilson L.Arch., NYC

MVR AECOM Project        UD_UF•UH Oversight: 2009-2011    Photos:2011

9A/West St. Promenade

Highway 9A Reconstruction, NYC

Urban Design • UD-Site Landscape

Prime Interest

Urban Improvement District_Street Tree Planting

Focus:  West Thames Park Playground    9A South Length    9A Northbound


.......UD-Site Street Trees Unite NY City District  

For the Hudson River Line Greenway and 9A Medians, determined exact field planting locations so that trees related best to Building Entries and BPC neighborhood features. Trees planted tied the 9A Highway Landscape to neighborhoods west and to commercial frontage eastward. Like a zipper , trees knit disparate parts of Manhattan together.  Specifics at:           200 West St.  Gold Sachs Median                Greenway at Rector Park

.....Arborist Role


To get the most out of the trees delivered to 9A, arranged, rotated-in-place and structurally pruned all trees delivered to the project site from   December 2009 to June 2011. Reviewed extensive subsurface plans to identify utility conflicts with UD Landscape Plan and expedite utility relocations, which kept project Plans intact.

Oversaw planting the North and South Approaches to the World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial. Helped collaborative design efforts of the NYS DOT, NYC design firms, and diverse stakeholders become reality, to benefit NYC and honor all those who lost lives on September 11, 2001.

NYC Urban Improvement District