Site Plan Landscape Tasks


Finalized planting design for access drives, parking areas, Service Area screening, storm basins and the School Courtyard, then directed planting installation. Revised Grading Plans along Entry Drives to integrate low retaining walls made from salvaged stone walls. Results in Slide 1.


Planted:2001                             Photographed: 2014


Prime Interest


This school and MVR design projects -- Staples High School and Wakeman Park Fields -- create the 100+ acre Combined Campus Landscape Plan thumnail presented in Slide 2 below.

Prime Architect: Jeter, Cook & Jepson, Hartford , CT

MVR DTC Project employment

Google E-Landscape Street Views: 88 North Ave, Westport, CT 06880


Athletic Park School    Westport, CT

Athletic Park Middle School Site Plan Landscape

Athletic Park Middle School Site Plan Landscape_Courtyard_ Ballfields

1 Athletic Park School Canopy Shade Tree School Campus Parking_Site Plan Landscape Architects 2 Athletic Park School Site Plan Landscape 3 Athletic Park School Site Entry Landscape 4 Athletic Park School Drop off Entrance Planting_ Campus Site Plan Landscape 5 Athletic Park School Service Screen Planting_ Campus Site Plan Landscape 6 Athletic Park School Field Views 7 Athletic Park School Courtyard 8 Athletic Park School Storm Rain Basin Nation with Hummingbird Garden photo gallery with lightboxby v6.0