Site Plan Landscape Tasks Summary

MVR collaborated with engineers on final configuration of the Main Entry Drive and Drop-off Area, and then detail-designed entry plazas, the central Courtyard, and site landscape plantings, including those specific for the athletic fields and Green In. stormwater basin.


Central within the Courtyard Plan are scenic evergreen tree plantings similar to mature evergreen tree groves preserved in site frontage. Once interior trees grow above roofline, they will have a strong dialogue with site (and off-site) tree stands, and be central within the scenic site and local viewsheds.


DTC Project employment
Prime Architect: Jeter, Cook & Jepson, Hartford, CT Planted: 2002-03       Photographed: 2012

Google E-Landscape Street View: 3 Trades Ln Newtown, CT 06470

SCHOOL Site Plan Landscape Projects

Scenic Site 5/6 Grade School Rural CT

School Campus Landscape

Newtown, Connecticut