Site Plan Landscape Tasks Summary

Amid DTS plan relocation of Grandview Avenue to the campus perimeter, MVR designed the street plantings along the new street and within the 3 related parking areas. In providing residential evergreen screening, created a coherent expanded school campus landscape for RCDS .

Later, designed the spaces along the central axis of the campus into a series of landscape plazas and courtyards.


Existing subsurface utilities, burial of utility lines, drainage and grading made plaza development technically challenging ( all was a prior roadbed). Led construction documents for these plazas. Refer to ‘Utility Plan’ in Slide 9.*


Divney Tung Schwalbe (DTS) Project employment.

Project Architects: La Rocca Greene Architects, Rye, NY

Planted:2000         Photographed:2012

Google E Landscape Street View: 3 Grandview Ave, Rye, NY

Urban SCHOOL_Site Plan Landscape Projects

Urban Day School Campus Site Plan

Private School Campus Landscape

Rye, New York

Urban School Campus Site Plan Landscape