Site Plan Landscape Tasks Summary

MVR designed canopy shade tree plantings for the scale of the 400’ building as well as a number of building entries. Detail-designed the Main Plaza and three separate dining terraces that required precise drainage.


Included soil medium specifications after prior building demolition, and irrigation plan coordination.



Slope plantings mitigate the building's massive scale. They also extend building's welcoming presence and help accomplish campus identity aims for SCSU.


During DTC Project employment
Prime Architect: Jeter, Cook & Jepson

Planted: 2004       Photographed: 2014

Google E-Landscape Street Views: 345 Fitch St, New Haven, CT 06515

Urban SCHOOL Site Plan Landscape Projects

Urban Campus Center Landscape
at Southern Connecticut State University

Intended as a welcoming façade for the university, the building cut into a slope with a 20’ change in grade. New Haven, Connecticut

Urban School Campus Site Plan Landscape