For Bronx/Riverdale, Westchester County, and Hudson Valley property owners, this Page presents 20-year work results
with landscape features, design issues, and tasks prevalent, ecologically valuable and of asset interest in NYS| N.E.:


Scenic Site Restoration  • Deer Landscape ! Deer Fencing  • Woodland Edges • Moss Rock Outcrops    

NYS Place







Grooming of just Edges annex whole Woodlands, giving Grdn Places exceptional depth and refinement.

Rock Outcrops

The DFence allows lush, luxuriant growth of the House Gardens, advanced by current Head Gardener Ed Impara since 2005.
View them in the Gallery below, 'Bakwin House Gardens 2016'.
To see more images, click this Google search "Bakwin Garden" .

Once outcrops are cleaned of leaf debris (here Y2K), vast extents of moss carpet them and ferns spore in. They become/are, with the Outcrops and Woodlands, part of our native & forever sustainable ‘Genesis of Place’.

RESIDENTIAL Landscape • Period Home Garden


Michael Bakwin Estate  Ossining, New York

  • NYS Scenic Site Landscape
  • Scenic Site Landscape with Transparent Fence
Groom Woodland Edge for Garden Backdrop
 Rock Garden w Natural Moss Garden Carpet NY
BANDI_Mascot for D-Fence

2.  From Points B to A

The D Fence route on lower ground of these Woods masks it, also.

3. The Tennis Court, Bh, and Pond restrict deer from Points A to C.

MASK Deer Fence

Deer Landscape N.E.

1.  The Deer Fence is 'masked' by weaving through understory shrubs from B to C.

Scenic Site

Landscape Enhancement | Restoration

Removing thicket growth from property 'Middle Ground' --
here, from B--C--D, opened scenic views to land beyond,
where deer can frolic, freely.

Deer Landscape!

 Deer Fence Landscape Scenic Site Restoration NY