Housing Site Plan Landscape Tasks

Site Context: Dense urban neighborhood infill

During building and site planning, MVR identified existing trees on the site worth preservation. To preserve a number of identified trees, the building footprint, paved extents, and site grading were adjusted. The result was not only a far more attractive site initially for senior residents, but also energy savings for them.

Site Landscape Plan emphasized site and building entries, the Affordable Housing Site Parking area, and the perimeter walking path.


Project Architects: Svigals + Partners, New Haven, CT

DTC Project employment

Planted: 2001               Photographed: 2014


Google E-Landscape Street Views: 309 Dixwell Ave, New Haven, CT, 06511

RESIDENTIAL Multi-Family Housing Site Plan Landscape


Affordable Senior Housing Landscape

New Haven, Connecticut
Affordable_Housing_Site Plan Landscape CT NY