Coastal Flood Garden Site Tasks Summary

Primary Task: Flood and salt tolerant planting design

Other Tasks: Scenic View measures for Bay view
Woodland grooming

Planting Design for Coastal orNY Coastal Flood Sites

Frequent Bay flooding here proved repeatedly hazardous to plantings in site frontage. For successful planting, MVR divided the front by elevation into 3 zones, then chose plants suited to each.


UPPER Flood Zone (left)- Along site entry boardwalk. Composed of diverse trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials tolerant of short duration flooding -up to 24 hours.


LOWER Flood Zone – Largest (middle) area of front, with few shrub species, but various ornamental grasses. Plantings withstand prolonged flooding - 24+ hours.

PERMANENT Wet Zone– Plants withstand natural standing fresh water, with periodic saltwater inundation. The ‘Bog’.

Initial Planting:2007               Photographed:2014

RESIDENTIAL Home Garden Landscape

COASTAL FLOOD Garden Resilient Landscape

Coastal NE • Long Island FINS Great S. Bay

Since 2012’s Superstorm SANDY, have advanced understanding with coastal native plants, storm impact mitigation, growing conditions, and Northeast coastal ecology. This knowledge and understanding are crucial for coastal property development, restoration, sustainability, and their resilience.

FINS Front Garden Sikkema