1830  Greek Revival     City Historic District House Landscape  New Haven, CT

Quinnipiac River Historic District


2002 Site Improvement Plan  Located new:

Curb cut/driveway • Parking area for 3-cars • Perimeter privacy fence. 

Plan presented was approved by both the New Haven Historic Commission and Zoning Board; included Schematic Landscape Plan.

1739 Colonial   Rural Road Screening House          Sharon, CT


2014  Designed mixed layered planting left to screen house from busy rural road and 3-way intersection. Reconfigured rear pool area and front parking (future construction). Moved many valuable shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers to enhance house front.

1926  Jacobean Revival  NRHP Garden Suburb       Columbus, OH

National Register of Historic Places House      Architect: A. Hopkins


  Ohio State University MVR Honors Research Site 1987
Focus: Historic Landscape Preservation/ Interpretive Site and Planting Design

Select Bibliography        MVR Site Survey/Base Map

1985 to 1987 Landscape Restoration   See Standard Measures below.
Also mapped trees for Design Plan Base Map; groomed Woodland Walk.

1895 Renaissance Revival   Chestnut Hill Historic District House     Boston, MA


1988 to 1991 Landscape Restoration

Standard Restoration Measures  Removal of invasive plants • Pruning tree canopies • Rejuvenating mature shrubs • Grouping/transplanting valuable shrubs and perennials

Also structured irregular lawn areas and random planting beds to simplify on-going maintenance and minimize its cost. Grounds manageability stood the test of time.

Period Home Garden Landscape CT
Period Home Garden Historic District House Landscape

Period Home Garden| Historic District House Landscape

Landscape Garden Restorations | Period Home Landscape  NY  CT  MA 

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1930 Tudor Revival

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