Since 2012’s Superstorm SANDY, MVR’s has advanced his ability with resilient native plants, understanding storm impact mitigation, seaside growing conditions, and Northeast coastal ecology. This plant knowledge and understanding are crucial for coastal property development and restoration, their sustainability, and their future resilience.

Coastal Resilient Site Design Planting

Primary Task: Seashore, storm tolerant planting design
Other Tasks:
Site preparation; canopy thinning of Maritime Forest trees


Planting Design Style | Coastal or Seashore Sites

The sites on this Page are all subject to recurring Bay flooding, yet show high contrast in designed settings and the plants resilient to sandy soil, ocean salt, and flooding- all big site constraints.


Garden 1 Site grades are related to those of the Sikkema Garden, but note the difference in level of plant diversity between the two and the resultant minimal, monochromatic style of plantings of the one here.

Garden 2  takes minimal plant diversity furthest, yet highlights the utility and merits of dwarf grasses.

Garden 3  is exemplary of tending mature, native tree canopies and judicious understory planting beneath them.



RESIDENTIAL Private Gardens

Coastal Site Resilient Planting Design

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Coastal Landscape Design Contrast