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Arborist Tasks


NYC Street Tree-in-Pavement Establishment - Specified supplemental Year 1 watering critical to establish 50 3" dia. Locust trees, in structural soil unit-paved beds, to withstand heat gain from strong western building face sun exposures.

9A Greenway Tree Preservation - Reviewed subsurface plans to identify conflicts with UD Landscape Plan. Produced digital reports to speed approvals for utility revisions.

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Median Shrub Planting - Developed long-term management plan for shrubs massed the length of 9A Medians, above.

Poor Drainage Mitigation- Identified wet areas that threatened mass plant failures. For all 9a Medians reduced irrigation; for irreversibly wet soil zones, specified substitute canopy tree species & elevated grades.

UF•UH Accomplishments


• Preserved 35+ mature Hudson Line 9A Greenway canopy trees.

• Directed planting & establishment of 150+ canopy shade trees that define 1/4 mile end lengths of the 9A Corridor, and 10,000+ Shrub Roses that light-up 9A Medians from June to Dec. annually.

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• Oversaw planting of the North and South Approaches to the World Trade Center and 9/11 National Memorial.

Helped collaborative design efforts of the NYS DOT,
NY design firms, and diverse groups become reality, to benefit NYC and honor the lost lives of September 11, 2001.      

See growth of 9A Landscape on Google earth: 200 West St..


Urban Forest

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Transportation Landscape

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NY 9A Highway Reconstruction Landscape

Client: New York State Dept. of Transportation     AE Civil: Stantec, NYC    West Thames Park : Matthews Neilson L.Arch., NYC

MVR AECOM Project        UD_UF•UH Oversight: 2009-2011    Photos:2011

9A UD Urban Design_Improvement District Site Trees
9A UD Highway NYC Urban Design Landscape.

9A NY City Boulevard Canopy Shade Tree Highway Bridge Landscape Garden