Project Site Pre-existing Conditions in 1999

Please refer to Site Aerial in Gallery
In 1999, run-off from Sherwood Island's 10+acre, 2,000-car, fully-asphalted Beach Parking Lot produced:

1. visible, extensive harm to Tidal Marsh vegetation, and

2. unacceptable levels of storm pollution flowing into LI Sound.

2000 DTC Project Goal  Integrate natural filtration swales, with shade trees, into the Lot, to reduce pollution runoff into the Tidal Marsh and LI Sound.

Swale Success  Project success was recognized immediately, as pollutants flowing into the Tidal Marsh post-construction were quantified as negligible. In fact, after most rain events, little run off flows into swale catch basins. Basin in Slide 5 is typical.



Sherwood Island State Park Beach Parking

What’s Missing  Most obvious losses, as in upper left image,  were planted London Planetrees flanking bridge crossings- meant to pronounce N-S foot access aisle to the water. Loss due partly to erosion by initial concentrated runoff at bridge nodes.
• Also, in 2014 there was not a trace of low understory shrub masses in the swales. The last were likely mown over.



Strong, linear E-W parking aisle SPACES, defined handsomely by tree growth in the swales, as evidenced in Gallery images.

• EVERGREEN TREES that define the Beach Access Drive, left, and western edge of the lot, as seen in Slides 8 and 9.


Large naturalized population of the native Eastern Poplar, Populus deltoides,  make it the predominant tree species by far in site swales. See Slides 6-7. Their random presence underlies a ‘sense of place’ charm for Sherwood Island*, and for all give lesson to expect heavy native or invasive species growth in Green Parking projects of like scale & funding.

*The Eastern Poplar is notoriously weak-wooded - prone to storm damage, and therefore not an ideal selection for common parking island situations.

Diversified Technology Consultants (DTC) project employment

Planted:2000               Photographed:2014

GREEN PARKING Site Landscape Projects

GREEN PARKING Park Landscape

Sherwood Island Beach Parking Lot
Westport, Connecticut

MVR Project Tasks

Reviewed Final Landscape Plan and Plant List in CD Bid Set.

Refined tree locations based on built project conditions.

Directed project contractors on site weekly.

Administered planting installation & costs.

Green Parking Beach Landscape Drive w Bioswales
Green Parking Beach Landscape_Long Island Sound