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NYSGreen.LAndscape_TreeGarden_Architect, Site Plan Landscape Architect, Site Landscape Tree Planting Plan+ NY NE|MVR Landscape Garden
RLA Arborist designs beautiful treescape gardens suited to New York State terrain and diverse habitats, including urban. 'Classic' Landscaoe Garden HomeGarden HG to AE Commercial Site Plan Landscape Planting. Serving Riverdale, Westchester and Hudson (Valley) Line Landscape region since 1993. Call 646-229-6647.
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Yards NY,SitePlan_CanopyShadeTree Landscape, LEED RLA, LEED SITES Landscape Architect| MVRLandscape Canopy Tree Garden
LEED RLA and ISA Arborist creates beautiful,budget sensitive Landscape Tree Gardens with canopy trees and evergreen tree screening. Maximize impact of existing trees with canopy shade and scenic evergreen trees for residential gardens, Green/Sustainable Sites and LEED Certification Plans. NYC region. 646-229-6647
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MVR Bio, Hudson Valley Line Deer Landscape Garden, A/E Site Landscape, UD Site Street Tree Planting |MVRLG
Overview of MVR as a Landscape Gardener, NYS RLA Site Plan Landscape Architect, and ISA Arborist in varied practice areas – garden design,landscape gardening, Site Plan landscape, and urban design. NY, CT.
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HomeGarden HG Landscape, Housing Site Plan Landscape,Period Home Garden NY CT MA| MVR LG Residential Portfolio
Lists representative MVR residential projects with thumbnail images. Includes both Private Home Gardens and Housing Site Plan Landscape project sites
School Campus Site Plan Landscape, School Courtyard, Athletic Field Landscape Park NY CT MA | MVR LG Portfolio
Lists MVR school site plan landscape and athletic field projects highlighted with corresponding thumbnail images.
Corporate Office Site Landscape NY, Westchester Office Site Plan Landscape NY, rock garden NY, tree preservation NY| MVR LG Portfolio
Shows Swiss Re America Headquarters office site landscape architecture established in 1998, in 2012 photos. Describes Site Plan Landscape design challenges, related MVR solutions, and MVR Design Development drawings.
Commercial Site Plan Landscape NY CT,Corporate Site Plan Landscape NY CT, Church Site Plan Landscape NY| MVR LG Portfolio
Representative list of MVR Commercial Corporate, Retail, and Institutional Church Site Plan Landscape (SPL) projects. Highlighted with corresponding thumbnail images.
Landscape of Transit, Transportation Facility Landscape, Highway Bridge Landscape| AE MVRLG
Lists representative AE site landscape projects: Green Parking Landscape, Transportation Facility Landscape, Highway Bridge Landscape, Airport Landscape. Each highlighted with linked thumbnail images.
UD-Site Trees Unite NYC,Urban Improvement-District, City Neighborhood Park in Highway Landscape| MVR LG Portfolio
Shows 9A/West St. Promenade and its connections to Battery Park City via West Thames Park. Shows trees preserved during construction and describes MVR field tasks during planting of 9A that realized the collaborative design efforts between the NYSDOT, design firms, and community groups.
LG Sites,Residential,School Campus, Corporate, Commercial, Green parking | MVR LG Portfolio
Lists range of MVR projects through broad categories represented with thumbnail images.
Urban Design Landscape, 9A West St. Promenade| MVR LG Portfolio
Lists MVR Urban Design landscape site projects highlighted with corresponding thumbnail images. The marquee project is the Route 9A project at the 9/11 National Memorial and World Trade Center sites in Lower Manhattan
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Deer Landscape! NY, Trees Westchester, Period Home Garden, Rock Garden NY, Estate Landscape Restoration NY| MVR LG
Bakwin Trees Westchester Landscape Garden typifies Lower NY State Themes: , Period Home NY, Estate Landscape Restoration, Woodland Trees Preservation, Rock Garden, Deer Fence Landscape. Celebrates rugged beauty of NY rock outcrop geology; exemplifies power of editing garden plants/ invasive species, grooming Woodlands, and adhering to site ‘Genius Loci.’
SPL Residential Multi_Family5 pages
NY Subdivision Housing Site Plan Landscape, Tree Preserve Westchester NY, Scenic Site Evergreen Screening|MVR LG
Shows Armonk Estates MVR Tree Replacement Plan, and 2012 photos of the subdivision’s shared property Landscape Garden. Plantings installed in 2000.
Senior Living Campus Site Plan Landscape Westchester, Landscape Garden Courtyard NY | MVR LG Portfolio
Shows representative MVR Courtyard Planting Design plan , and 2006 photography of The Osborne’s maturing Landscape Garden for Seniors. Installed 1999-2000.
Affordable Senior Housing Site Plan Landscape, Urban Tree Preservation CT, Parking Canopy Shade Tree Landscape| MVR LG Portfolio
Shows representative MVR Site Plan Planting Plan for urban infill and tree preservation sites. 2014 photography of The Victory Gardens maturing Landscape Garden for Seniors.
NYC Brooklyn Condominium Site Plan Landscape NY, NY | MVR LG Portfolio
Shows rep. plan & elevation of MVR Building Entry Paving & Planting Design, fullfilling NYC Builder’s Pavement Plan Review. 2005 photography of distinct building entries on sloping streets.
Garden Courtyard Redesign Manhattan NYC, NY | MVR LG Portfolio
Shows representative Garden Courtyard with revamped Paving, Furnishings, and Planting Design plans. 2005 photography of Manhattan's Clinton Manor maturing Garden Courtyard, with playground. 2003 install.
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Coastal Flood Garden Saltspray Resilient Landscape Plants | MVR Landscape
Ongoing seashore site project with annual saltwater flooding. MVR’s garden ‘lab’ of colorful plants have proved resistant to saltwater, composed of short and extended saltwater flood zones.
Coastal Resilient Planting Design , seashore garden design styles | MVR Landscape
Varied MVR seashore site projects with recurring flooding. Shows high contrast in designed settings and plantings possible where ocean salt and sand are big issues.
Period Home Garden, Historic District House Landscape, Period Home Landscape NY CT MA OH|MVRLG Portfolio
Shows MVR custom plantings and landscape restorations for Historic Houses, Historic District houses and Period Architecture. Lists standard site design measures and classic book bibliography.
NRHP Historic_House
Kent1 page
Kent House Research Bibliography.pdf
Fairhaven1 page
Urban Industrial School Site Plan Landscape CT, School Landscape Courtyard NY CT, Brownfield Industrial Athletic Field Evergreen Screening| MVR LG Portfolio
Shows CT Site Plan Landscape for New Haven Fairhaven School, and 2014 photos of maturing site parking canopy shade trees, school athletic field park and school courtyard landscape plantings. 2004 install.
Newtown1 page
Scenic School Site Plan Landscape Rural CT, parking canopy shade tree landscape,scenic evergreen screening|MVR LG
Shows MVR Landscape Plan for Newtown 5/6 School, and 2012 photography of the school’s scenic site Landscape Garden. 2002 install.
SCSU1 page
Urban U. Campus Center Site Plan Landscape, University Campus Courtyard Landscape Design CT | MVR LG Portfolio
Shows Site Plan Landscape renderings for SCSU’s Michael J. Adanti Student Center, 2014 photos of school’s canopy shade tree parking landscape, eating terraces, service area scenic evergreen screening, steep slope plantings. 2004 install
Bedford_Middle1 page
Middle School Courtyard, Site Plan Landscape Westport CT, parking canopy shade tree landscape,scenic evergreen screening|MVR LG
Shows Site Plan Landscape for Bedford Middle School, and 2014 photography of the school’s maturing Site Plan Canopy Landscape Garden with Wakeman Athletic Field Park. 2002 install.
Staples1 page
CT High School Site Plan Landscape Westport, parking canopy shade tree landscape,scenic residential evergreen screening|MVR LG
Shows Staples High School Site Plan Landscape, and 2014 photography of the school’s maturing Landscape Garden. 2004 install.
RCD1 page
Urban School Campus Parking Landscape NY, parking canopy shade tree landscape,school courtyard landscapes|MVR LG
Shows Campus Site Plan Landscape for Rye Country Day School, and 2012 photos of the school’s Canopy Tree Landscape designed for its expanded campus landscape and school courtyard landscapes. 2000 install in Westchester County NY.
Transportation3 pages
9A NY City Street Canopy Shade Tree Landscape,Urban Highway Median Horticulture,City Highway Landscape Garden,UFUH|MVRLG Transportation Portfolio
Shows Rt 9A Corridor Streetscape, Medians, & Greenway leading to the 9/11 Memorial site. Details street tree planting success, measures for plant establishment, and peak blooms of 10,000 Shrub Roses in 9A Highway Medians.
Transportation Facility Landscape Design NY, MTA Beacon Station NY | MVR LG Portfolio
Shows award winning Beacon Station landscape architecture established in 2006. Describes site design challenges, MVR rendered design drawings.
Green Parking Site Landscape CT NY, Green Infrastructure Landscape CT NY | MVR LG Portfolio
Shows aerial image and successful bioswale plantings at Sherwood Island in Westport, CT established in 2000. Evaluates plantings after 15 years, identifying notable plant losses, planting successes, and native trees naturalized to give the park a 'sense of place'.
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Athletic_Parks2 pages
Athletic Landscape Park, School Site Plan Landscape CT NY, Site Scenic Evergreen Screening| MVR LG Portfolio
Shows MVR Site Plan Landscape for Wakeman Athletic Landscape Park, and 2014 photography of the Park’s shared Landscape Garden w Bedford Middle School. 2002 install.
ATHLETIC Facility Park Landscape, brownfield site planting MA NY|MVR LG Portfolio
Shows MVR Site Plan Landscape for Plainfield Street Sports Park, and 2006 photography of the Park’s landscape and canopy shade tree plantings. 2002 install. .
Corporate1 page
Tree preservation Westchester, Site Plan Landscape NY CT | MVR LG Portfolio
Shows proposed Church project in prominent Westchester location in 1999 Site Plan. Drawings show the deft technical measures required for careful preservation of mature, signature site trees.
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Services1 page
RLA Arb Srvc, Site Plan Tree Landscape Design, Garden Planting Design, MVR LG
Describes MVR Landscape services specific to planting design for Residential Garden sites to Architecture and Engineering AE site projects .
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MVR Clients of Period Home Gardens, Deer Landscape NY, Commercial Site Plan Landscape, School Site Plan, Transportation Landscape|MVRLG
Shows MVR reresentative clients of Period Home Gardens, Commercial Site Plan Landscape, School Landscape, Transportation Facility Landscape Project types. Images are mainly from projects in Hudson (Valley) Line Landscape area, 646-229-6647.
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Green Site Map,GreenSite Plan, Green Landscape Architect, Contact MVRLG
MVR Landscape Garden addresses the design and installation of landscapes on site of all sizes. Through long history of landscape design in Hudson Valley and licensed practice in landscape architecture, we have expertise in planting design across a broad spectrum of New York State landscapes.646-229-6647
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Green Site Rsrcs,Google-Flyto-Landscape, Parking Canopy Tree Landscape, E-Landscape, MVR LG Resources
This Page provides additional information on MVR Projects, Green Site Landscape resources, Google-Landscape Street Views, and how MVRLG multidisciplinary design and tree plantings address site sustainability demands.
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